The Maze


14 Songs | 43 mins

1. Don’t Wake Me Up (2:20)
2. I Wish I Could be With You (2:54)
3. This Time Its for Real (2:45)
4. Love Goes Down the Drain (3:13)
5. Hazel (2:56)
6. One Lonely Word (3:15)
7. We Never Ever Spoke Again (3:39)
8. Glass Half Full (2:00)
9. Flashlight Love (3:18)
10. Still Not Crazy Yet (3:49)
11. Love and Death in Richmond (3:07)
12. Destiny (2:49)
13. The Scorpio Heart Never Forgets (3:17)
14. Gettin Older (3:49)

“We moved to San Jose, CA, in the fall of ’09, and then it took me a minute to write a new batch of songs and adjust to the big move. I wanted to do an album on analog tape, and this was the one I tried it on. I did it in San Francisco at a place called Tiny Telephone. I made the basic tracks with a drummer and bassist I was playing with in the bay area. But then did most of the overdubs and layers by myself. I’m proud of the songs on it, but it was kind of a lonely one to make.”David

The Buzz

“Brookings has got some serious power-pop chops, and those come through loud and clear on the agile melodic moves of the tongue-in-cheek ode to an unappreciated artiste (“The Greatest Songwriter No One Ever Heard”) and the peppy handclap-punctuated opener “If I Don’t Make It Back.” But he sounds equally comfortable on the casually country-tinged stroll of “Always Be the Same” and the slow-rolling poignantly piano-laced “I’ve Got No Game Now,” indicating that there’s more than one possible path through The Maze” –  iTunes Review

Release Date: 11.22.2013

14 Songs | 43 mins

6th Studio Album


1. If I Don’t Make it Back (3:58)
2. Cora (3:59)
3. No Regrets (4:25)
4. The Greatest Songwriter No One Ever Heard (3:06)
5. The Dream is Over (3:45)
6. Heroin Donna (2:31)
7. She’s Been Gone For Years (5:18)
8. The Maze (4:29)
9. I’ll Wait Up For You (3:15)
10. I’ve Got No Game Now (3:26)
11. Always be the Same (3:59)

The Band

David Brookings – Vocals, Guitars
David Warren – Bass
Craig Heitkam – Drums
Sig Knapstad – Piano, Keys on 2, 3, 4, 8, 10, 11
Nate Cavalieri – Keys on 7
Ben Shaw – Lap Steel on 11


All Songs by David Brookings (ASCAP)
Produced by David Brookings and Jacob Winik
Engineered and Mixed by Jacob Winik @ Tiny Telephone
Assistant Engineer – Kelly Coyne
Recorded in San Francisco, CA.
Mastered by Jason Ward @ Chicago Mastering Service
Photography by Ashley Thayer
Design Layout by Allie Delgado

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