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New Album 'MANIA AT THE TALENT SHOW' coming this fall
Working with longtime friend and engineer / producer Josh Scolaro, David is recording a 9th album in Los Angeles; tracking / sharing files back and forth with Josh in Virginia. The record is expected to come out in fall 2021, and will also feature cameo appearances from former bandmates and music friends. 
David Brookings (b.11/12/78) grew up in Richmond, VA. and started playing guitar and writing songs at age 9. He started playing clubs in Richmond at 15, played in local bands throughout the mid to late 90s, and released his first solo album, Sounds Off, in the fall of 2000. He moved to Memphis, TN. in the summer of 2001, and released his second album End Of An Error in Memphis in early 2004. From 2003-2009 David worked as a tour guide at Sun Studio, where Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, etc. began their careers. He recorded 3 albums in the legendary studio (Chorus Verses The Bridge, Obsessed, & Glass Half Full). In the fall of 2009 David moved west to San Jose, CA. Since moving to the west coast his band David Brookings and the Average Lookings have maintained a constant presence in the bay area, with a sound that some have described as having a modern day British Invasion feel. In March of 2017, the label You Are the Cosmos out of Spain issued a 12 song Vinyl Only compilation album on David called 'King Without a Throne'. 

The latest full length' Scorpio Monologue' was released in April 19, 2019. In late summer 2019 David and his family relocated to Los Angeles. A 50 track 'Anthology' was released in October 2020, and over the last 8 months David has been recording a new full length, MANIA AT THE TALENT SHOW, due out in fall 2021...


11 new songs recorded between fall 2020 and summer 2021. Release date and track list coming soon. Check out a preview here...